EV Charge Point Software

ChargePanel Cloud - The complete software for Charge Point Operators

ChargePanel’s intuitive software offers reliable and secure operation of charge points for electric vehicle charging.

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White-Label EV Charging Platform

Innovative Charge Point Operator Software

Our Innovative technology takes care of the many technical tasks in the background that are required to operate all the charge points connected within a charging network. As an independent provider ChargePanel operates most brands of charge stations available on the market today and runs in the cloud for easy access across devices. ChargePanel’s charge point software for charge point operators is supplied with a user-friendly Administrator account for setting up charge stations, viewing statistics, and much more.

In the Cloud

ChargePanel’s Charge Point Software for charge point operators is located online and does not needed to be installed.

Security & GDPR

Protected with SSL / TLS (HTTPS) for maximum security. All communications are served over secure protocol with cryptographically secure and unique identifiers. ChargePanel provides full support of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Multiple Devices

Responsive on both computers & mobile devices. This means that you can control your entire charging network at home, from your sofa or from elsewhere.

All Charge Points

ChargePanel is a complete platform for the operation, management and usage of all models of Charge Points using Open Charge Point Protocol.


View statistics for earnings, power usage (kWh), charging duration, number of customers, number of charging sessions and more. Statistics can be filtered to give you a better insight of Charge Point usage.

App & RFID

Options for EV driving customers to start a charge session via the ChargePanel Connect - Mobile App, or via RFID.

Smart Charging

Charge electric vehicles safely with load balancing for charge stations.

Public & Private

Let only pre-approved drivers use charge points or open them up for public use.

Pricing Models

Pricing model options for EV charging include: Free, Pay Per minute (parking), Electricity consumed (in kWh), Fixed price. Pricing can be set for Pre-payment, Pay After (Invoice) , or for Payment when the charging session takes place


Provide documentation for accounting by downloading extracts from earnings, power usage and charge sessions to PDF and CSV

Opening Hours

Set the availability for a charge points opening hours and pricing for different days.

Ticketing Support

The customer support ticketing system is available as an add-on module for Charge Point Operators to receive emails, updates and status of support cases.

White Label

Your brand at the forefront? Your Software for Charge Point Operators can be customized with your corporate brand and colors to build an even stronger relationship with your customers.

Revenue Management

Using a similar model as proven by the Airline and Hotel Industries, our Cloud Software for Charge Point Operators provides flexible pricing ladders and includes date, day and time controls for price setting.


Multiple payment options are available for usage of charge points, including; Credit Card, Mobile Payment, Invoice and Pre-paid charging.

Price Ladders

Set a standard price list or floating price ladders for different times, days, dates and groups of EV drivers.

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