Power up your Charging Stations

Connect to our Cloud based charge management software and provide drivers with an excellent experience.

With a wide scope of available options ChargePanel makes it easy to customize your charging stations to your specific requirements.

With configurations for driver groups, payment methods, billing and parking times, your Electric Vehicle Charging Stations will become streamlined into your parking locations.

  • User Access Settings: Set access for which drivers can use your charge stations and when.
  • Energy monitoring for sustainability: Monitor your ongoing impact on CO2 reduction to meet sustainability goals.
  • Charge activation: Set how drivers activate their charging sessions, though the app, RFID, or both.
  • Price Settings & Payments: Choose the pricing model for your charging stations, with options based on parking, energy usage, length of charging sessions, location, demand and price settings for driver groups. Income from your charge stations is accumulated for electronic transfer to your selected bank account.
  • Refunds and bonuses: In the case a charging session doesn’t work out as planned you can easily refund the driver or offer a bonus for their next charging session.
  • Charge Station Locator Map: For a large network of charge stations you can easily locate the position of any station via the map.
  • Charge Station Status:  Status updates for each station are regularly reported, including if the station is in use, inactive, under maintenance or malfunctioning. Depending on the model of your charging unit, drivers see the system status via the stations in-built light signals and ChargePanels app for drivers.
  • Statistics Charts and Graphs: ChargePanel collects and reports in-depth information about the lifetime and day to day usage of your Charge Stations. This information is presented in charts and graphs with filtering options, so you can find the data you need.
  • Driver Messaging System:  ChargePanel provides an inbuilt messaging system. You can promote or communicate information to an individual or group of drivers via group email or SMS.
  • System upgraded and diagnostics: System upgrades and diagnostics keep your charge stations working smoothly. You will be informed of upgrades well in advance and these take place during quiet hours to least effect your drivers.
  • Book a parking space: Activating the parking calendar gives drivers the possibility to book an EV parking space in advance. Price settings for pre-booking can be adjusted to meet demand, times, location and can optionally include booking and cancellation fees.
  • Customer support ticketing system: Keep track and reply to drivers support requests through the inbuilt ticketing system.
  • Provide an Excellent Experience for Drivers: ChargePanel’s app provides an excellent experience for drivers. The app features an interactive map of charge stations, provides availability status, journey planning, pre-booking, price information, transactions statements and charging activity.
  • Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP): ChargePanel supports Electric Vehicle Charging Stations using Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) 1.5, 1.6 and is ready to support OCPP 2.0


When connecting to our cloud based charge management software, charging stations become smart networked systems with many additional benefits

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