CTEK EV Chargers

ChargePanel’s innovative platform for charging infrastructure is the obvious choice for leading hardware manufacturers. When choosing an EV charger, the starting position and future needs are important parameters. The needs are different depending on where the charging station is placed: in public, at work or at home. Another important parameter is the need for load balancing in order not to overload the electricity grid. With ChargePanel’s high demands, we ensure that all hardware meets the highest standards to provide our users a seamless and positive charging experience.

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Available already integrated chargers

ChargePanel’s platform is hardware-agnostic and supports the CTEK EV Chargers models CTEK Chargestorm Connected and CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2, two chargers for electric vehicles, both with a Direct OCPP Connection.

The following applies to each model:

CTEK Chargestorm Connected

Use Charge Portal to update these settings.

CTEK Chargestorm Connected 2

Use Charge Portal to update these settings.

Updated in ChargeAmps’ system (proxy).

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