The White-label EV Charging Management Platform

The White-Label EV Charging Management Platform

Manage and scale your business with ChargePanel’s cloud-based EV charging software.

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Scalable, Reliable, Secure EV Charging Software

Accelerate Your EV Charging Business

ChargePanel specializes in technology and solutions for the management, operation and usage of electric vehicle charging stations.

We provide a scalable, White-Label EV Charging Management Platform for businesses, charge point operators, e-mobility service providers, energy companies, installers, organizations and resellers.

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White-Label Platform

Why ChargePanel

Customer Focused EV Charging Software

ChargePanel’s EV Charging Management Software enables your business to scale, manage and accelerate your EV charging network operations, plus those of your affiliates and customers under a single interface. The EV Charging Management System and mobile applications are white-labelled with your company’s brand elements and the software connects with secure leading payment processors to keep you in control of your revenue.

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Platform Technology

EV Charging Network Technology

Scale-up, manage and accelerate your EV charging network operations.

White-Label EV Software

Your EV Company’s Branding

Your company’s brand elements on end-user apps, the back-office and QR codes.

EV Charging Monetization

EV Charging Revenue

ChargePanel connects you with leading payment service providers so that you stay in control of the revenue generated by your EV charging network.

Network Migration

Migrate Your EV Network

We can assist you with migrating your EV charging network to the ChargePanel platform. Our customer care team is with you every step of the way.

Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

We are focused on accelerating the success of EV charging business and organizations in e-Mobility. Our EV charging software is designed with our customers brand in the forefront and we work in dialogue with our customers to achieve effective solutions.

“With ChargePanel’s innovative platform and our fast pace of growth we look forward to an exciting future together. We will continue to offer the best possible experience within charging infrastructure and meet our customer needs in an effective way.”

Joel Halling, CEO

“We are proud to announce the choice of ChargePanel as our software provider, the company has demonstrated the flexibility and technical capabilities needed to adapt and meet future demands of the rapidly developing EV charging industry”

Matthew Henley, Founder

“We turned to Europe and chose ChargePanel for a combination of reasons, their intuitive software development, expert team and leadership, and the fact that we share a vision of the future of EV charging. We are pleased to be part of a collaboration that has the ability to create a technical roadmap for the EV charging industry.”

Dr. Kevin Kelly, CEO

“We chose ChargePanel as they are a company that has come a long way in the development of their software, and they have a very interesting plan for the future regarding their roadmap in both business and technology.”

Alfred Msemo, Founder

“As one of the UK’s leading providers of EV charging infrastructure we recognise the value in being able to offer a robust, economical, and efficient management solution aimed at all areas of EV charging. In line with our growth plans we are partnering with ChargePanel to bring an exciting new product to the home, workplace, and public charging space – this partnership brings Bumblebee one step closer to becoming a full end to end e-mobility provider.”

Stewart Yardley, Director

“We have chosen ChargePanel’s solution because they are fast and flexible. It suits us perfectly, as we are eager to quickly put into operation Sweden’s first public and smart charging street.”

Marcus Hagerud, CEO

“ChargePanel’s platform has the functions we need to meet the market’s needs regarding administration and monitoring of charging solutions today, but also in the future.”

Magnus Eriksson, CEO

“ChargePanel’s platform offers scalability and functionality to support our vision of electrifying Africa’s transport sector. We have secured partnerships in many verticals with a focus on becoming the most important technology provider for vehicle fleets and public transport. ChargePanel’s technology will now play an important role in our ability to manage charge stations and operate charging services as we progress in leading the transition to sustainable transportation in Africa.”

Mikael Gånge, Sales Director

“ChargePanel’s platform is the best solution for us and offers scalability and functionality to support our vision of being part of the electrification in Sweden. With the interest and customer friendliness we have met in our conversations with ChargePanel, I’m looking forward with great interest and anticipation to the future.”

Mattias Leijon, CEO

Platform Solutions

Solutions To Match Your EV Charging Business

Our EV charging system is developed for EV charging businesses.

White Label Enterprise

All-In-One EV Charging Management Platform

ChargePanel Enterprise – The all-in-one SaaS software solution for Charge Point Management, Network Operations and eMobility Services.

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Charge Station Management

Charging Station Management Software

ChargePanel Cloud – The SaaS software for Charge Point Management and Charge Station Network Operations.

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eMobility Services

White Label EV Charging Apps & eMobility Services

ChargePanel Connect – White Label EV Charging Apps and SaaS software for eMobility service providers.

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EV Charging Statistics

EV Charging Network Data

It’s your EV charging network and your business retains control over your EV charging network data.

EV Driver Account Management

Electric Vehicle Driver Network

You’re in the front seat. EV Drivers trust your business and brand and choose to join your network.

Hardware Agnostic Software

Your Choice of EV Charge Stations

Connect your choice of OCPP supported charge stations with ChargePanel assisted onboarding.

Multi-level Platform

Your EV Business + Affiliates & Customers

Operate your EV charging network plus the networks of your affiliates and customers under a single interface.

Freedom From Fossils

Driving Towards A Sustainable Future

Our customers EV Charging Networks are driving the way forward to a sustainable future one charging session at a time. We are proud to support them!

CO2 Savings

CO2 emission savings monthly

*approximate monthly system averages. Find out more about how we calculate CO2 savings here.

CO2 Calculation

We use country specific data to calculate estimated CO2 savings.

For example, the data for Sweden is calculated according to information provided at and the data for the United Kingdom is calculated according to information provided at


Charging Sessions

Charging sessions monthly

Energy kWh

kWh monthly

Made in Sweden – Expanding With Our Customers

Powering EV Charging Networks Across Multiple Countries

ChargePanel is powering EV charging networks in multiple geographical locations and markets. Our scalable platform enables our customers to expand their EV charging networks across borders.

EV Fleet Management

EV Fleet Charging And Employee Reimbursement

Set employee access for charge stations at work. Reimburse for home charging. Enable access to public charging.

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EV Fleet Charging And Employee Reimbursement

Hardware Agnostic Platform

Trusted by Vendors from Around the Globe

ChargePanel’s EV charging software is compatible with vendors from around the globe. With 50+ charge station models already connected and new charge stations being added all the time.

Drive Traffic to Your Charge Stations - Roaming

CPO Roaming Connections

Drive Traffic to Your Charge Stations

Connect your public charge stations to leading eMobility Service Providers and third-party EV Driver Apps via roaming.

EMSP Roaming Connections

Connect To Thousands of Charge Stations

Enable EV Drivers in your network to access to tens of thousands of public charging stations across Europe.

EMSP - Roaming

Partnerships For Success

EV Charging Success With Industry Leading Partnerships

To provide our customers with key EV charging solutions we are working with leading partners across the EV charging spectrum. Our partners enable faster charge station onboarding, streamlining of EV fleet management, EV roaming connections, secure payments, standardized protocols and industry knowledge.

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Leading Partnerships

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