ChargePanel Connect

Mobile App and EV Driver Experience

Give your EV driving customers the best charging experience! With ChargePanel’s App, Electric Vehicle Drivers gain access to an interactive map of your charge point locations, availability status, charge point information, pre-booking and easy payment solutions. The App is customized with your corporate brand to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

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EV driving customers can easily see the pricing and payment methods available at your charge points and pay for their charging session via Credit Card, RFID, Invoice and Mobile Payment Solutions.

QR Code Scan

Inbuilt QR code scanning provides fast access to charge point activation and payments within the app.

Transactions & Charging

Your EV driving customers can easily keep track of their charging activity and access receipts within the app.

Easy Access

Your app can be placed in App Store and Google Play - the world’s largest app marketplaces, where the app can be easily found and downloaded by your electric vehicle driving customers.

Interactive Map

Your EV driving customers can easily locate charge points via the interactive map.

Charge Point Availability

Each charge point is marked on the interactive map with color coded map pins, giving clear indication of the charge points availability.

Charge Point Information

Charging speed, plug type and pricing. With one click, Electric Vehicle drivers can easily access relevant information about each charge point.

Location & Preferences

Your EV driving customers can view all charge points on the map and locate the closest charge points in their area. With filter options drivers can select their preferred charge point types in advance.

Charging Session Progress

Charge session progress is visible within the app, providing your EV driving customers with the status of their charging session in real time.

EV Charging Notifications

Notifications inform your EV driving customers when their charging session is finished.

Customer Support Ticketing

The customer support ticketing system streamlines your EV driving customers support requests.

White Label

Your brand at the forefront? Your app is customized with your corporate brand and colors to build an even stronger relationship with your customers.

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