Provide e-Mobility Charging Services

White Label EV Charging Apps and EV Driver Account Management

ChargePanel Connect – The complete software and electric vehicle charging apps for eMobility Service Providers

Your EV brand at the forefront, scale your network and provide eMobility Charging Services to EV drivers. Give your EV driving customers the best EV charging experience!

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Scale your EV charging network

Provide eMobility charging services to EV drivers

With ChargePanels software for eMobility Service Providers you can implement flexible monetization strategies, view statistics and analytics, add electric vehicle driver accounts and much more.

Provide e-Mobility Charging Services

Apps Made for EV Charging

With our White Label Apps for eMobility Service Providers, your network of Electric Vehicle Drivers can access an interactive map of charging station locations, availability status, charge point information, and secure transactions.

The Apps are customized with your EV brand at the forefront to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

Apps Made for EV Charging


Charge Station Information

Charging speed, plug type and pricing. With one click, Electric Vehicle drivers can easily access relevant information about each charge point.


iOS and Android

The Apps can be placed in App Store and Google Play – the world’s largest App marketplaces.



The map shows all charging stations
available to EV drivers.

Scale Up

Multiple Currencies

The App can be made available
with multiple currency options for ease of use and scalability.

Brand Recognition

White Label – Your EV Company´s Branding

The App is customized with your EV brand at the forefront to strengthen the relationship with your customers


Home, Work, Public – Charge Everywhere

Give EV drivers access to charge stations at home, at work and on the road through a single App.


Charge Session History

EV drivers can keep track of their charging sessions and payment receipts.

Energy, Functionality

In-App Load Balancing

EV drivers that own the charge stations can set different charging speeds (load balancing) which can vary for different days and times.

White Label Enterprise

All-In-One EV Charging Management Platform

ChargePanel Enterprise – The all-in-one SaaS software solution for Charge Point Management, Network Operations and eMobility Services.

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Charge Station Management

Charging Station Management Software

ChargePanel Cloud – The SaaS software for Charge Point Management and Charge Station Network Operations.

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