EV Charging-as-a-Service

Managed EV Charging Services

ChargePanel GO – Accelerate with ChargePanel’s managed EV charging services.

With our team of experienced professionals we can help you connect, manage and optimise your EV charging stations and provide customers, residents and employees with smart EV charging services via the Connect GO App.

*Connect GO is currently limited to usage in the Nordics.

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Managed EV Charging

ChargePanel GO

For operators looking for efficient, professionally managed EV charging solutions.

  • Easily connect EV charging services for Residents and Properties.
  • Easily connect EV charging services for Employees and Workplaces.  

ChargePanel GO – Accelerate Your EV Charging Operations

Support for reliable, tested and secure charging station hardware

Onboarding and streamlined operations of reliable, tested and secure OCPP charging station hardware.

Sustainable EV charging operations

Optimized energy usage, dynamic load balancing, and smart charging capabilities.

EV charging billing and payments

EV billing models and payment methods to ensure seamless payment experiences.

Integration of roaming solutions

Integration support for roaming platforms and peer-to-peer roaming over OCPI

Cost-effective charging experiences

Connected with Nord Pool in the Nordics and Baltics, which gives users quick access to real-time information on electricity prices. Charging point owners can link their profits to electricity prices in real-time, and drivers receive fairer electricity pricing.

Excellence in EV charging operations and management

Continuous monitoring and management of your EV charging network, including real-time notifications of issues, remote problem solving, and analytics for optimization.

EV Driver App and account management

User-friendly App and Account management to provide seamless EV charging experiences for EV drivers, Operators, and Property Managers.

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Managed EV Charging – Easy, smart and cost effective

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