eRoaming for eMobility Service Providers

Provide EV Drivers with access to thousands of Charge Stations across Europe with eRoaming

Enable seamless and hassle-free charging across multiple networks and enhance your customers EV charging experience.

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e-Mobility Service Provider (Add-On Module)

Innovative Charging Technology

ChargePanel is placing a strong focus on interoperability with eRoaming, a key component to increasing charge station access to Electric Vehicle drivers as they travel. Ease of use for EV Drivers and availability of charging possibilities is a must for electric vehicle drivers and for the uptake of electric vehicles to increase.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Reduce range anxiety and give your customers peace of mind with the freedom to charge across borders when they travel.

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Streamline your customers journey to their destination with en-route planning, charge station location, availability, and information.

White Label Enterprise

Ease of use

Activate thousands of charge stations in your branded App for EV drivers, with easy access on an interactive map.

White Label Enterprise


Enable seamless and hassle-free charging across multiple networks and enhance your customers EV charging experience.

Customize to your standard

As an Enterprise Customer of the ChargePanel Platform you can request to activate the eRoaming Module for eMobility Service Providers and give your EV Driving Customers access to thousands of additional charge stations across Europe.

Below are some of the settings and functions available to ChargePanel’s Enterprise clients in the eRoaming Module for eMobility Service Providers.

Create separate subscription prices for customer segments

Search which of your customers have made payments

Set the amount your EV customers will pay for their eRoaming subscription

Filter and view subscription payments and earnings by date range

Export all statistics to CSV (Excel)

View and edit active subscriptions

Add your margin in percentage to charge session pricing.

View statistics and payments for all EV roaming charge sessions.

Just a few clicks away

The team at ChargePanel and our platform technology are hard at work in the background taking care of the eRoaming services, our work includes:

Development of hub connections and implementation of protocols

B2B customer support

Negotiation of services and clearing agreements

Support of multiple languages and currencies

Processing of billing and payments towards business customers, hubs, and charge point operators.

Monetize your Charging Stations with Dynamic Price Schedules

Gain additional revenue from EV charging with smart customizable pricing. Optimize pricing for locations, time of the day, week and month. Create separate price plans for employees, guests and EV charging promotions.

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