White-Label EV Charging Platform

ChargePanel Enterprise for eMobility Providers

Are you interested in becoming a provider of eMobility? Our EV Charging Platform is designed to be white-labelled in your corporate design. ChargePanel’s technology works quietly in the background, with your brand positioned at the lead. Inquire about our enterprise solution.

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ChargePanel’s Enterprise Solutions for Charge Point Operators (CPO) and eMobility Service Providers (EMSP)

With our Enterprise solution you will, as an eMobility provider, get an innovative EV Charging Platform adapted to your needs. The cloud-based software is easily managed and give you the flexibility you need to operate a network of charge stations.
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ChargePanel Cloud - Enterprise Admin account for Charge Point Operators (CPO)

With ChargePanel’s Enterprise Admin account you can administrate, manage and add Owner Accounts. In the Owner Accounts you can connect charge points for given geographical locations, as well as view statistics and access multiple settings for pricing and usage. ChargePanel’s EV Charging Platform takes care of the many technical tasks in the background that are required to operate all the charge points connected within your charging network.

Multiple ways for Electric Vehicle drivers to pay and charge

Depending on you or your customers’ requirements, you can provide multiple ways for Electric Vehicle drivers to pay and start their charging.

All Charge Points within your Network can be started with either the associated App for EV Drivers or RFID tags (or cards) approved by the charging system. RFID tags can be connected to EV driving customers through your Enterprise and Owner accounts for Charge Point Operators. Charge points can be set up so that they can only be started by selected EV driving customers or by all. The RFID function can be turned on or off within your Owner account depending on your requirements. RFID functionality is only available where it is supported by the charge point hardware. When using the ChangePanel Connect – Mobile App, Electric Vehicle drivers can easily see the pricing and payment methods available at your charge points and pay for their charging session via Credit Card, Invoice and Mobile Payment Solutions.

ChargePanel Connect – a Mobile App for eMobility Service Providers (EMSP)

ChargePanel’s EV Charging Platform for Charge Point Operators can be combined with the ChargePanel Connect - a Mobile App for your EV Driving customers. For App access, customers of private charge stations can be invited (the charging station is "private" if, for example; the owner of the charging station only wants invited customers to charge). If the charging station is public and available to everyone, we can place your Enterprise Mobile App in App Store and Google Play. The App can then be found easily and downloaded by your Electric Vehicle customers.

ChargePanel’s EV Charging Platform is customized with your corporate brand, colors and logo to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

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