Manage Your EV Charge Station Network

White-Label EV Charging Station Management Software

ChargePanel Cloud – The complete software for Charge Point Operators.

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Manage your entire network of EV charging stations

ChargePanel’s Hardware Agnostic Platform

With multiple network levels you can manage your own EV charging stations and the charging points of your business customers and affiliates. Scale-up and operate your entire charging network through a single back office.

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Scale Your EV Charge Station Network

Location, Location, Location.
At home. At Work. On the Road. AC DC and more…

Connect EV charging stations at multiple locations. With ChargePanel’s EV charge station management software you can connect and manage EV charging infrastructure everywhere from workplace, business, destination, residential and home charging to roadside and public charging.

Settings for load balancing and primary/secondary charge station configurations can make it easier for you to operate and manage charge stations at workplaces and parking garages.

Monetize Your EV Charge Station Network

Monetize your Charging Stations with Dynamic Price Schedules

Gain additional revenue from EV charging with smart customizable pricing. Optimize pricing for locations, time of the day, week and month. Create separate price plans for employees, guests and EV charging promotions.

Scale Up, Affordability

SaaS Licencing – Scale your Network

ChargePanel provides EV Charging Station Management Software with affordable SaaS licencing and subscription based pricing models so that you can scale and grow your EV charging business.

Onboarding, OCPP

Charging Station Compatibility Testing

ChargePanel’s EV Charging Station Management Software is hardware agnostic and is compatible with charge points using Open Charge Point Protocol. Over 50 leading EV charge station models are already connected and we provide charge station compatibility testing and onboarding for EV business customers in co-ordination with EVSE manufacturers and vendors.

Network Migration

Migrate your charging station

Are you looking to migrate your existing charging stations to a new EV charging management system? We can assist you through-out the process and provide an effective roadmap for migrating of your charging stations to the ChargePanel platform.

Scale Up, Accessibility

Cloud-Based EV Charging Software

ChargePanel’s EV Charging Station Management Software for Charge Point Operators is located online and scales with your business as it grows.

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Operations and Metrics

Statistics and Analytics

View powerful metrics for, charge station usage, power consumed (kWh), CO2 reductions, revenue generated and much more. Statistics can be filtered to give you a better insight of charge station usage for optimizing EV charging business decisions.

Energy Management

Charging Station Load Balancing

Safely balance power between all charging stations at a location with flexible load balancing settings.

Brand Recognition

Your brand at the forefront

Your licenced version of the EV Charging Station Management Software can be customized with your EV company’s logo and colors.


Cryptographically Secure

Protected with SSL / TLS (HTTPS) for maximum security. All communications are served over secure protocol with cryptographically secure and unique identifiers.

Roaming Module, Hubs, OCPI

Connect with Third-Party eMobility Service Providers

Generate additional Revenue. Connect your public EV charging stations to leading eMobility Service Providers and third-party EV Driver Apps.

EV Fleet Module, Leasing, Locations

EV Fleet Management

Connect EV charging stations for electric vehicle fleets both at workplaces and at homes. Reimburse for home charging and enable access to public charging.

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White Label Enterprise

All-In-One EV Charging Management Platform

ChargePanel Enterprise – The all-in-one SaaS software solution for Charge Point Management, Network Operations and eMobility Services.

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eMobility Services

White Label EV Charging Apps & eMobility Services

ChargePanel Connect – White Label EV Charging Apps and SaaS software for eMobility service providers.

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