ChargePanel welcomes Opibus, a leading company for sustainable mobility in Africa

Opibus, a leading development company in Africa for Electric Vehicles, with headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya, has today signed an agreement for ChargePanel’s Enterprise subscription service. Opibus will utilize ChargePanel’s SaaS Platform for the roll-out and management of its electric vehicle charging network in Kenya with initial expansion within East Africa. The company plans to connect both AC- and DC- charge stations with an estimation of over 1 000 charging outlets connected to the ChargePanel Enterprise service by the end of 2023.

ChargePanel Enterprise is a subscription service of the company’s SaaS Platform for larger corporate customers that will enable Opibus to control and manage the entire network of infrastructure for electric vehicles and provide charging services to electric vehicle drivers. The agreement is a first step for ChargePanel to already lay a foundation for future growth in Africa.

Opibus focuses on electric vehicles in fleets, mainly for commercial use and public transport, as well as electric motorcycles and energy systems with the expansion of its operations to incorporate charging solutions for electric vehicles. Opibus was founded as a research project at one of Sweden’s foremost technical universities and began with the task of implementing electric mobility in emerging markets. Today, Opibus has an established presence in Kenya with over 100 employees of different nationalities. Earlier this year, Opibus received Africa’s largest sub-Saharan fundraiser ever in electric mobility for up to 7.5 million US dollars. The fundraiser was led by Silicon Valley with the help of investors consisting of former executives from Google and Uber.

“At ChargePanel, we focus on solutions that accelerate operations in the e-mobility sector. Through our dialogue with Opibus, we quickly saw that their broader ambitions very much correspond with our own and are in line with our strategy to grow with our customers whose goal is to expand to new countries and markets. Opibus has the vision, mission, technical capacity, and financial support to succeed. We are very pleased to welcome Opibus as a customer and look forward to a long-term collaboration to increase sustainable e-mobility together and across borders. ” – Jan Berggren, CEO ChargePanel

“ChargePanel’s platform offers scalability and functionality to support our vision of electrifying Africa’s transport sector. We have secured partnerships in many verticals with a focus on becoming the most important technology provider for vehicle fleets and public transport. ChargePanel’s technology will now play an important role in our capabilities to manage charging stations and run charging services as we move forward to lead the transition to sustainable transport in Africa. ” – Mikael Gånge, Sales Manager Opibus.

About Opibus

Opibus is a Swedish-Kenyan technology company that develops, designs, and delivers electric vehicles tailor-made tailored made for the African continent and are leading the transition to sustainable transport. Founded in 2017, the company became the first to deliver locally produced electric motorcycles and vehicles. With nearly 100 employees, Opibus is today the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles in Africa and has one of the largest fleets of electric motorcycles deployed and was recently featured in the print issue of National Geographic.
Short facts about Opibus:
• Gender equality: 40% female employees in all areas
• Unit economics: Electric vehicles reduce more than 60% of operating costs for users of motorcycles/buses
• Local content and supply chain: All locally designed and manufactured in East Africa
• Traction: First African electric motorcycles and the biggest fundraiser for electric mobility in African history
• Traction: 170 vehicles deployed to date
• Employees: Approx. 100

About ChargePanel
ChargePanel AB (Stockholm, Sweden)

ChargePanel AB (publ.) is a GreenTech company that offers B2B solutions within e-Mobility. The company has its entire focus on good customer relations and the development of innovative systems, applications, and technologies. ChargePanel provides customers with a white-label SaaS platform for the operation and management of a charging network, regardless of geographic market. The platform gives the electric vehicle driver access to a user-friendly app for charging and is independent of both electricity companies and manufacturers of charging infrastructure. The company’s strategy is both sustainability and customer centric. Smarter electric vehicle charging through ChargePanel’s platform facilitates the transition from fossil-fuelled vehicles to electric vehicles for both private individuals and companies. This is in line with the climate goals of most countries and regions, and the incentives for electric vehicles will increase sharply in the future. ChargePanel AB (publ), headquartered in Stockholm, is now planning an expansion both nationally and internationally. The company already has several international collaborations, for example in the United Kingdom and Norway.