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ABB Terra AC

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The ABB Terra AC wallbox, an advanced electric vehicle charger, integrates an energy meter and is ready for external meter integration. This enhances dynamic load management and ensures compatibility with smart building systems. Prioritizing safety, it protects against overcurrent, voltage fluctuations, and surges. The design, compatible with Type 1 and Type 2 cables, allows for easy cable wrapping. Capacities range from single-phase 7.4 kW/32A to three-phase 22 kW/32A, with UL variants reaching 19 kW/80A. Encased in a durable NEMA 3 enclosure rated IP54 and IK10, it boasts connectivity options like Ethernet RJ45, Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G, and RS485. Configuration is made simple with dedicated apps. ABB Terra AC is compatible with ChargePanel's EV Charging Management Software.



22 kW

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ABB Terra AC Charger

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Product Name:

ABB Terra AC

Current Type:


Supported Power:

7.4 kW, 19 kW, 22.0 kW

Socket Type:

Type 2

OCPP Connection:


OCPP Notes:

Terra config app (found on AppStore or Google Play) through Bluetooth.

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