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Alfen Eve Double Pro-line

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The Alfen Eve Double Pro-line Wallbox is a dual socket charging solution. It can be either wall-mounted or placed on a pole. The unit houses two sockets and has the capability for optional load balancing across both. A color screen with a logo upload facility serves as the user interface. For user identification, an integrated RFID reader is present, and a MID-meter is included for financial settlement. The wallbox connects to the internet via LTE/Ethernet, and its data can be accessed through a selected third-party management system provider. The charging capacity ranges from 3.7kW to 22kW. The wallbox also supports dynamic load balancing in conjunction with a smart meter. Alfen Eve Double Pro-line is compatible with ChargePanel's EV Charging Management Software.



22 kW

Max Power


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Alfen Eve Double Pro-line

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Product Name:

Alfen Eve Double Pro-line

Current Type:


Supported Power:

3.7kW - 22kW

Socket Type:

Type 2

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OCPP Notes:

Custom program found at

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