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DEFA eRange Duo

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The DEFA eRange Duo, manufactured by ABL, is a charging station compliant with the NEK/EN/IEC 61851-1:2010 standard. It offers two fixed Type 2 cables, delivering up to 22kW—either 22kW for a single car or 2x11kW for two cars. Equipped with an RFID reader for access control and two MID-approved energy meters, it's designed for the Nordic climate and can function both independently or online with a CLU control system. DEFA eRange Duo is compatible with ChargePanel's EV Charging Management Software.



22 kW

Max Power


OCPP Connection

DEFA eRange Duo

Specifications - DEFA eRange Duo



Product Name:

DEFA eRange Duo

Current Type:


Supported Power:

7.4 kW, 11 kW, 22.0 kW

Socket Type:

Type 2

OCPP Connection:


OCPP Notes:

Needs custom OCPP-enabled firmware to work with proxy connection. (Please Note! Currently in BETA-phase)

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