Cell Solar selects ChargePanel for expansion of sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging Network

Cell Solar, a dedicated vendor of solar installations and electric vehicle charging solutions with a strong focus towards renewable energy in Sweden and ChargePanel (Repayal AB), a provider of charge station management solutions are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement.

Cell Solar supplies powerful and intelligent charge stations predominately for the home charging market, in combination with a high level of customer service they guide their clients throughout the entire process from financial advice to installation.

During the initial stage of the agreement, Cell Solar will expand their existing charge station network and offer benefits to their home charging customers via the Cell Solar Application for electric vehicle charging.

Customers of Cell Solar will receive access to smart charging with maximum power settings for the secure operation of their charge stations, be able to remotely start and stop charging sessions, view an estimation of their CO2 emission reductions, and receive access to comprehensive statistics for their charge station usage and more.

“The agreement with Cell Solar is a step in the right direction for electric vehicle charging. Their expertise in solar panel installation in combination with their ability to offer customers a comprehensive home solution for electric vehicle charging plays a valuable role in the transition towards renewable energy and electric mobility. We are pleased to welcome Cell Solar as a client and are looking forward to a successful collaboration.” – Peter Persson, (Founder and Partner – ChargePanel, Repayal AB)

“The team at ChargePanel have been both professional and collaborative in their approach to meeting our requirements. Their charge management technology will enable us to operate our charge station network remotely and provide additional benefits to our customers when charging their electric vehicles.” – Gunnar Jönsson, (Partner – Cell Solar Nordic AB)

About Cell Solar
Cell Solar (Cell Solar Nordic AB, Stockholm, Sweden)

Cell Solar is one of Sweden’s leading PV and EV charging solution companies. Cell Solar is known for our unique solutions for homeowners all over Sweden. We offer a turnkey PV and charging solution that allows our customers to produce and charge their electric vehicles with green electricity. With all the cost savings from day one, our solutions are designed to be part of a larger ecosystem of smart green home technology products. In collaboration with our partners in the PV and electric vehicle charging industries, we are taking Sweden closer to the goal of converting to 100% renewable energy.

About ChargePanel
ChargePanel (Repayal AB, Stockholm, Sweden)

Since 2009, ChargePanel’s founders have been dedicated to good customer relationships and advancements in the development of innovative systems, applications, and technologies. With over 10 years of experience our systems have been fine tuned to reliably perform the tasks required to operate electrical infrastructure. ChargePanel is our eMobility division, specializing in technologies for the operation of Electric Vehicle Charge Stations and Driver applications. Our solutions are available internationally, with our head office located in Stockholm, Sweden. ChargePanel is owned and operated by Repayal AB.