ChargePanel launches eRoaming

As previously communicated, ChargePanel (publ.), hereinafter referred to as “the Company”, launches an eRoaming service to its customers during the first quarter. The company’s eRoaming service enables the company’s White Label customers (hereinafter referred to as WL) to offer public charging to their end customers, i.e., electric vehicle drivers.

In the start-up phase, there are approximately 20,000 charging points in Europe and Sweden connected to the service and this number is expected to double during the first half of 2022.

The company has started the onboarding of the initial WL customers with expectation to be “live” at the end of the first week in March. After that, the rollout will continue to the majority of the company’s WL customers. In this first step, connected EMSP customers (eMobility Service Providers) are offered the service, i.e., they can offer their electric car drivers access to many thousands of charging points in Europe and in Sweden.

In the next step, CPO (Charge Point Operators) will also be able to be offered this service, which means that those who are connected to the Company’s service can distribute and make their charging points available to other networks’ electric vehicle customers. “We are very pleased to be able to offer our partners’ the eRoaming service during the first quarter, as previously communicated.

“This is an important step in order to be an attractive service provider now and in the future. With the launch of the eRoaming service, we not only help reduce “range and charging anxiety”, we also strengthen our customers’ offer to their end customers, which is an underlying business goal for us. We have worked intensively with the integration and feel very satisfied with the result.” – Jan Berggren VD.

About ChargePanel
ChargePanel AB (Stockholm, Sweden)

ChargePanel AB (publ.) is a GreenTech company that offers B2B solutions within e-Mobility. The company has its entire focus on good customer relations and the development of innovative systems, applications, and technologies. ChargePanel provides customers with a white-label SaaS platform for the operation and management of a charging network, regardless of geographic market. The platform gives the electric vehicle driver access to a user-friendly app for charging and is independent of both electricity companies and manufacturers of charging infrastructure. The company’s strategy is both sustainability and customer centric. Smarter electric vehicle charging through ChargePanel’s platform facilitates the transition from fossil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles for both private individuals and companies. This is in line with the climate goals of most countries and regions, and the incentives for electric vehicles will increase sharply in the future. ChargePanel AB (publ), headquartered in Stockholm, is now planning an expansion both nationally and internationally. The company already has several international collaborations, for example in the United Kingdom and Norway.