Glossary / CHAdeMO – CHArge-de-MOve (charge for moving)

CHAdeMO – CHArge-de-MOve (charge for moving)

CHAdeMO is a fast charging technology for electric vehicles (EVs). Originating from Japan, the name “CHAdeMO” is an abbreviation of “CHArge de MOve,” which translates to “charge for moving.” In the realm of EV charging, CHAdeMO is renowned for its ability to deliver high-power direct current (DC) fast charging, enabling EVs to replenish a significant portion of their battery capacity in a short time frame. The CHAdeMO standard is characterized by its distinct connector design and has been adopted by various automakers, primarily those based in Asia. As one of the pioneering fast-charging standards, CHAdeMO has played a pivotal role in advancing the practicality and convenience of electric mobility by facilitating fast charging sessions, reducing wait times and enhancing the overall EV user experience.

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