Glossary / OSCP (Open Smart Charging Protocol)

OSCP (Open Smart Charging Protocol)

The basic function of the Open Smart Charging Protocol (OSCP) is to communicate physical net capacity from the DSO or site owner to the back-office of the charge spot operator. The protocol can be used to communicate a 24 hour prediction of the local available capacity to the Charge Spot Operator. The Service Provider will fit the charging profiles of the electrical vehicles within the boundaries of the available capacity. 

OSCP (Open Smart Charging Protocol) is an open communication protocol between the charge point management system and the energy management system of the site owner or the system of the DSO (Distribution System Operator). This protocol communicates a 24-hour forecast of the available capacity of the power grid. The Service Provider adjusts the electric vehicle charging profiles within the limits of available capacity. OSCP is hosted by the Open Charge Alliance.

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