What is an EV Charging Platform and how can it benefit your business

What is an EV Charging Platform

An EV charging platform is a cloud-based software for the management, monetization, and operation of electric vehicle charge stations with real-time information for the monitoring and optimization of EV charging networks.

Why use an EV Charging Platform

The electric vehicle charging market is projected to grow significantly in the coming years. To reach carbon neutrality in the transport sector by 2050,1 Europe needs many more electric vehicles on the road and many, many more charge stations.2

To prevent stranded assets and meet the demands of a quickly growing industry with increasing complexity, EV charging platforms are fast becoming necessary for managing and monitoring multiple charge stations across various locations and segments. Statistical information about network performance is vital for optimizing and analyzing business decisions and enhancing the charging experiences of EV drivers.

EV charging platforms can enable specialized services and technologies for charging networks, with different functions and modules being made available for home, workplace and public charging. Roaming, smart charging, EV fleet management, and payment solutions for charging sessions can provide businesses with a range of efficient and flexible technologies to maximize their operations.

What benefits can an EV Charging Platform provide

EV charging platforms ideally provide connections between charge point operators and eMobility service providers, and use standard protocols such as OCPP and OCPI. The use of standard protocols enables interoperability between providers in the industry, making it easier to integrate and communicate across a range of hardware, technologies and infrastructure. This can benefit EV charging businesses by reducing operational costs and securing scalability both now and for the future.

EV Charging Platforms can provide a range of the following benefits, functions and modules to support your EV charging operations.

  • Integrate existing charge stations
  • Compatibility with a variety of charge station models (prevents lock-in)
  • Monetize charging stations
  • Manage charge stations and charging networks
  • Support for large scale network implementations
  • Smart charging and load balancing for power management
  • Statistics and data for optimizing business decisions
  • End-user account management
  • EV fleet management with employee reimbursement
  • Payment and billing functionality
  • EV Roaming connections for CPOs and EMSPs
  • Back-offices and end-user smartphone applications
  • Help-desk functionality
  • Remote resolution of technical issues
  • Compatibility with a variety of payment service providers (prevents lock-in)
  • Billing data and tools
  • Reduced operational costs and increased scalability
  • White-labeling or custom branding
  • Support for industry standard protocols
  • Enhanced charging functionality for EV drivers
  • Support for multiple languages and currencies
  • Powerful metrics for, charge station usage, power consumed, CO2 reductions and much more.

Why ChargePanel

ChargePanel’s EV charging platform is developed to serve customers across a variety of markets and segments. The software provides business customers with the flexibility to manage and scale their EV charging networks across an exciting and rapidly growing industry. With Enterprise back-offices for the management of charge stations and driver accounts, white-label end user Apps and functionality for businesses to operate their own charging networks as well as those of their affiliates and sub-partners, ChargePanel’s EV charging platform can help you to manage the multiple aspects of operating an EV charging network.

We are dedicated to helping our customers grow their EV charging businesses and are proud to be part of the eMobility industry. We are in the positive and encouraging position to have contact with people throughout Europe and around the world, who are actively working to create a successful transition away from fossil fuels and towards a sustainable electric future.

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