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Comprehensive management and charging of electric vehicle fleets – wherever you charge

As sustainability goals become increasingly stringent, companies face the challenge of transitioning their vehicle fleets to electric alternatives. Amid this technological shift, ChargePanel offers not just a service, but a partnership that facilitates this transition – whether it involves company owned vehicles or leased vehicles. Below, we explain how ChargePanel addresses the complex challenges involved and how it can benefit your company.

What does EV Fleet Management mean?

EV Fleet Management extends well beyond simple charging infrastructure. It involves integrating advanced technical solutions to monitor and optimize the use of every kilowatt and every vehicle. The purpose is to enhance the efficiency of electric vehicle fleet operations and to manage cost allocation, reimbursements, taxation, and billing effectively. At ChargePanel, we tailor these solutions to meet the specific needs of each company, enabling them to maximize both economic and operational benefits.

Challenges with transitioning to electric vehicles

Over the years, we have identified and tackled the complex aspects and challenges for companies moving towards electric vehicle fleets. The challenges include:

  • Diverse charging needs – It has been frustrating for companies to manage charging at multiple locations with varying rules and costs. Our solution offers a unified process regardless of the charging location.
  • Cost control – Many companies are concerned about the unclear costs associated with owning and charging electric vehicles. ChargePanel’s system provides full transparency and control over these costs, eliminating surprises.

Our solutions are tailored to where you charge

With ChargePanel, your company gains access to a platform that not only manages charging logistics but also provides in-depth insights and reporting. Our solutions are designed to maximize uptime and cost efficiency, regardless of whether you charge at home, at the workplace, or in public.

Home charging

At ChargePanel, we strive to make daily life a little easier for everyone managing company cars and charging their service vehicles at home. Therefore, we have designed our service to make the process as smooth and user-friendly as possible.

  1. Reimbursement via bank transfer (in Sweden) – If needed, ChargePanel can handle the payment of reimbursement for the electricity consumed to the employee’s bank account. This service allows companies to plan and manage the reimbursement process flexibly, ensuring that employees receive compensation for the electricity they have used.
  2. Scheduled charging – With ChargePanel, employees can schedule their charging times, optimizing energy use and helping to avoid peak cost times. This contributes to lower electricity costs and more efficient use of the power grid.
  3. Identification via RFID/app – Each charging session is verified and activated through the use of RFID technology or a mobile app linked to the vehicle’s registration number. This security measure ensures that only authorized users can charge the vehicles, reducing the risk of misuse or incorrect billing.
  4. Access to charging history and statistics – Users and administrators can easily track the charging history and statistics for electricity consumption through the app or backend system. This feature enables monitoring and analysis of usage over time, which can lead to further efficiencies and cost savings.

Workplace charging

ChargePanel streamlines the charging of service cars at workplaces by compensating the workplace or the holder of the electricity contract. Here is how our system handles and simplifies this process:

  1. Compensation to the workplace or the electricity contract holder – The charging costs for electric service cars, leased cars, and delivery vehicles at the workplace are efficiently managed by issuing compensation to the workplace or the person holding the electricity contract. This approach minimizes administrative work and simplifies financial management for the company.
  2. Identification via RFID/app – Similar to home charging, each charging session is verified and activated using RFID technology or a mobile app linked to the vehicle’s registration number. This security measure ensures that only authorized users can charge the vehicles.
  3. Access to charging history and scheduled charging – Users and administrators can easily follow the charging history and statistics for electricity consumption through the app or backend system. To further optimize energy consumption, charging times can be scheduled.
  4. Price differentiation based on the type of visit – The system allows for the implementation of different price groups for different types of visitors, such as VIP, standard, and free. This flexible pricing system makes it possible to tailor charging costs to the company’s policies and visitors’ needs.
  5. Scheduled load balancing – To manage peak loads and ensure a stable power supply, ChargePanel applies scheduled load balancing. This helps to optimize energy use across the workplace and reduce the load on the power grid during high consumption times.

Public charging

Navigating public charging networks can be a jungle. ChargePanel facilitates and optimizes public charging and roaming for companies’ electric vehicles through a well-organized and user-friendly process:

  1. Payment to third-party networks – When vehicles are charged at public charging stations, ChargePanel handles all transactions by paying out to the third-party networks where the charging sessions are performed. This simplifies the process for drivers and companies.
  2. Identification via RFID/app – To ensure a secure and efficient charging process, ChargePanel requires that each vehicle be identified with RFID technology or via a mobile app in conjunction with the vehicle’s registration number. This technology guarantees that only authorized vehicles can use the charging infrastructure and that each session can be accurately tracked.
  3. Access to a comprehensive network of charging stations – ChargePanel gives drivers access to tens of thousands of public charging stations throughout Europe and in Sweden. This extensive network ensures that drivers can easily find available charging stations, which is particularly important for companies with mobile workforces and logistics operations.
  4. Charging history and statistics – Through ChargePanel’s app or backend system, users and administrators can easily access detailed information about charging history and electricity consumption statistics. This data is crucial for analyzing usage patterns, improving energy efficiency, and optimizing costs for electric vehicles.

Simplified Billing and Cost Overview for EV Fleet Management

Simplifying billing has been a game-changer for our clients. With our integrated billing, companies involved in EV Fleet Management can get a consolidated view of all costs. This not only saves time but also provides clarity in budgeting.

By choosing ChargePanel as your partner for managing electric vehicles, you ensure smooth and cost-effective operation of your EV fleet. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you optimize your electric vehicle fleet management and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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