Glossary / CPM (Charge Point Manufacturer)

CPM (Charge Point Manufacturer)

A Charge Point Manufacturer (CPM) pertains to a company or entity that designs, produces, and often distributes electric vehicle (EV) charging stations or charge points. Within the electric mobility ecosystem, CPMs are instrumental in providing the hardware infrastructure necessary for EVs to recharge their batteries. These manufacturers are responsible for ensuring that their charging equipment meets specific technical standards, safety regulations, and user requirements. Their product range can vary from basic Level 1 home chargers to advanced Level 3 DC fast chargers. Additionally, many CPMs innovate by integrating smart technologies, remote monitoring, and user-friendly interfaces into their charging solutions. As the adoption of EVs accelerates globally, the role of CPMs becomes increasingly pivotal, driving advancements in charging technology, enhancing user experience, and ensuring the widespread availability of reliable and efficient charging infrastructure.

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