Glossary / CPMS (Charge Point Management System)

CPMS (Charge Point Management System)

A Charge Point Management System (CPMS) is a comprehensive software solution designed to manage and monitor electric vehicle (EV) charging stations or charge points. Within the EV charging, the CPMS can oversee the operation, status, and health of charging station networks. Its functionalities often encompass real-time monitoring, remote management, billing and invoicing, user authentication, and reporting. By integrating with individual charge points, the CPMS ensures optimal station performance, addresses potential issues, and facilitates seamless user experiences. For operators, the system can provide valuable insights into usage patterns, energy consumption, and potential maintenance needs. Furthermore, it can aid in dynamic pricing, demand response and grid balancing. In essence, Charge Point Management Systems are pivotal in streamlining the operation of EV charging networks and fostering the efficient and sustainable growth of electric mobility infrastructure.

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