Glossary / CSO (Charge Station Operator)

CSO (Charge Station Operator)

A Charge Station Operator (CSO) refers to an entity or organization that oversees the operation, managament and administration and/or installation and maintenance of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. Within the electric mobility sector, CSOs are pivotal in ensuring that EV users have consistent and reliable access to charging infrastructure. Their duties can encompass software integration, operation, user support, site selection, equipment deployment and billing and payment processing. Collaborating with various stakeholders, which can include charge station and equipement manufacturers, utilities, property owners, eMobility Service providers and local authorities, CSOs work to expand and refine the charging network. They often utilize Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS) for real-time monitoring and management of their charging stations. As key players in the EV charging ecosystem, CSOs can facilitate the broader adoption of electric vehicles by providing accessible, efficient, and seamless charging experiences for electric vehicle drivers. [Charge Station Operator (CSO) is often synonymous with Charge Point Operator (CPO)]

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