Glossary / DLM (Dynamic Load Management)

DLM (Dynamic Load Management)

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) involves several functionalities, including dynamic load balancing (DLB) and automatic scheduling of charging processes. Functionalities for EV drivers can include inputting their departure time, with the potential to enable EV charging to occur at off peak hours and reduce charging costs. DLM can refer to the intelligent and real-time optimization of power distribution among multiple electric vehicle (EV) charging stations or points within a specific area or network, ensuring that the combined power demand from all connected EVs does not exceed the available electrical capacity of the infrastructure. By continuously assessing the power requirements of each EV and the total power availability, DLM systems dynamically adjust the charging rate for each vehicle. This proactive management prevents potential overloads, especially during peak demand times, and ensures a stable and efficient charging process. DLM is particularly beneficial in scenarios with limited electrical capacity, with the potential to reduce the need for major infrastructure upgrades. Through DLM, operators can maximize charging efficiency, enhance user experience, and ensure grid stability.

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