Glossary / MSP (Mobility Service Provider)

MSP (Mobility Service Provider)

A Mobility Service Provider (MSP) plays a role in integrating EV charging solutions into broader mobility services. This can include providing users with access to charging infrastructure, offering route planning that incorporates charging stops, and bundling charging services with other transportation offerings like car-sharing or ride-hailing. MSPs often collaborate with Charge Point Operators (CPOs)and other stakeholders to ensure seamless service delivery. By integrating EV charging into their platforms, MSPs aim to simplify the EV user experience, making it easier for drivers to locate, access, and pay for charging services, thereby promoting the broader adoption of electric mobility as part of a comprehensive transportation ecosystem. [Mobility Service Provider (MSP) is often synonymous with, E-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP), E-Mobility Provider (EMP) Service Provider (SP)]

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