Glossary / EMSP (E-Mobility Service Provider)

EMSP (E-Mobility Service Provider)

An E-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP) is an entity that offers a suite of services related to electric vehicle (EV) charging for EV drivers. Within the EV charging landscape, EMSPs serve as intermediaries, facilitating access to a broad network of charging stations, often across multiple Charge Point Operators (CPOs). They provide EV users with tools and platforms, such as mobile applications or RFID cards, to locate, access, and pay for charging sessions. Additionally, EMSPs handle user authentication, billing, customer support, and may offer value-added services like route planning with charging stops or dynamic pricing based on demand. By streamlining the charging experience and ensuring interoperability across different charging networks, EMSPs play a crucial role in promoting the widespread adoption of electric mobility, making the process of charging an EV as convenient and user-friendly as possible.

E-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP) is often synonymous with E-Mobility Provider (EMP), Mobility Service Provider (MSP), Service Provider (SP)

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