Join us for World EV Day

Today we celebrate the World EV Day™, a global movement in which we together push for a change towards eMobility. The goal is to focus on the transition to sustainable transport both among consumers, companies, and policy organizations.

For this year’s World EV Day™, a survey was done in UK to find out how to engage the next cohort of consumers to choose an EV vehicle. The research showed that over 64% of people interviewed who are intending to buy a car would consider an EV. Read more about the research here.

ChargePanel supports the transition to eMobility by offering a innovative and flexible platform for managing and operating EV charging infrastructure that also includes an intuitive app for EV-drivers, with value-added services such as EV Fleet Management and eRoaming. We are continuously working to enhance our solutions to make the choice of driving an electric vehicle an easy choice.

Join World EV Day™ and join us in accelerating the transition to eMobility and a sustainable future.