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The shift away from fossil fuels and towards electric vehicles is presenting exciting EV charging business opportunities within the field of electric vehicle charging.

Electric vehicle uptake has significantly increased in Europe in the past years.1 In October 2022, the Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional agreement for a 100% CO2 emission reduction target for new cars and vans by 20352, and an increasing number of car manufacturers have announced their ambitions to electrify their fleets partially or entirely within the coming decade. 3 However, to reach carbon neutrality in the transport sector by 2050,4 Europe still needs many more electric vehicles on the road and many, many more charge stations.5

With the transition towards electric vehicles there is a corresponding need for increasing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in public spaces, at workplaces, and at domestic residences for home charging, which has opened a variety of segments for EV charging businesses to succeed and play a part in the EV charging business ecosystem.

Who’s in the EV charging business ecosystem

The EV charging business ecosystem comprises of the dynamic interaction of a variety of businesses and organizations who work in co-operation to deliver electric vehicle charging solutions and services which contribute to the EV charging market.

Manage multiple charge points with our EV Charging Software

These can include charge station manufacturers involved in manufacturing of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) and vendors for the procurement and distribution of charge points. Site owners who own or are in responsibility for the location where the charging stations are installed. Charge Point Operators (CPOs) who may aim to establish strong partnerships with site owners to provide EV charging business solutions and services such as installation, management, monitoring and maintenance of charge station networks, and eMobility service providers (EMSPs) who can provide access to charge stations, monetize charging sessions, and offer charging services via their own brand towards electric vehicle drivers.

The multiple aspects of EV charging businesses

Important aspects of EV charging businesses often reach beyond the physical charge station alone. In many cases the industry standard, open charge point protocol (OCPP) is used to ensure that charging stations (CS) from different vendors and charge station management systems (CSMS) can easily communicate with each other, with the aim to make electric vehicle networks open and accessible. 6

EV charging platform providers play in increasingly important role in the EV charging business ecosystem, where they can provide a range of technical solutions, such as.

  • Implement, and maintain industry standard protocols.
  • Communicate with a variety of charging station models.
  • Provide charge station management software and energy management tools which can equip Charge Point Operators with the functionality to manage entire networks of charging infrastructure.
  • As well as offer solutions for eMobility Service Providers such as White-label applications, secure payments, EV driver account management, and facilitate connections for access to charge station networks.

Why ChargePanel

ChargePanel works with EV charging business customers from various industries and across a broad range of sectors. Customers of ChargePanel trust the ChargePanel platform to manage and scale their EV charging networks. The technology gives our customers the flexibility and the tools to be able to provide charge point operations to their network of charge stations and eMobility services towards EV drivers. The charge station management functionalities enable our customers to manage charging stations at workplaces, public locations, homes, businesses, parking spaces, as well as affiliate and partner locations. The eMobility service functionalities enable our customers to effectively operate their EV driver networks, offer a range of features for enhancing the EV charging experience and implement flexible monetization strategies and provide secure methods for EV drivers to charge and pay.  Read more about how an EV Charging Platform can benefit your EV charging business.

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2 The Council of the EU and the European Council

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