What is a payment-gateway and why is multi-gateway important when choosing an EV Charge Management Platform?

A payment gateway is technology that enables authorization, processing and transferring of funds. This helps eMobility Service Providers to accept credit card payments from EV drivers for their charging sessions. (well-known payment gateway providers include PayPal, Stripe and Adyen).

Payment service providers (PSP’s) are working behind the scenes to facilitate the passing of financial data between the eMobility Service Providers and EV drivers to ensure that transactions are handled both efficiently and securely (for example, via a mobile application or point-of-sale with contactless devices). 

Why is a multi-gateway important when selecting an EV Charge Management Platform?

Your freedom of choice and business growth can be affected significantly if the EV Charge Management Platform you are using supports only a single gateway, as this has the potential to affect your ability to accept the full range of currencies, certain types of credit cards, and limits you from being able to switch to a more competitive solution.

The ChargePanel Platform uses a multi-gateway which can connect with a variety of payment gateways in various geographical regions. This extends our customers’ potential to provide services across markets and increases their freedom to choose.

Some of the benefits of selecting ChargePanels EV Charge Management Platform with a multi-gateway are as follows:

  • Scale and expand to new markets
  • Maintain freedom of choice and avoid customer lock-in
  • Increase bargaining power and negotiate between payment providers
  • Retain Payment Provider when merging to ChargePanel
  • Save time by avoiding new onboarding and validation processes
  • Facilitate business growth with known and trusted payment providers