Glossary / EMP (E-Mobility Provider)

EMP (E-Mobility Provider)

An E-Mobility Provider (EMP) refers to a company or organization that offers a range of services and solutions related to electric mobility, encompassing not just electric vehicles (EVs) but also the associated charging infrastructure and digital platforms. In the context of EV charging, EMPs often act as intermediaries between EV users and Charge Point Operators (CPOs), providing services such as access to charging networks, user-friendly mobile applications for charge station location and reservation, billing solutions, and customer support. They play a crucial role in enhancing the EV user experience by simplifying the charging process, offering transparent pricing models, and ensuring seamless integration across different charging networks. By bridging the gap between various stakeholders in the EV ecosystem, EMPs contribute to the widespread adoption of electric mobility, ensuring that charging is convenient, accessible, and efficient for all users.

E-Mobility Provider (EMP) is often synonymous with, E-Mobility Service Provider (EMSP), Mobility Service Provider (MSP), Service Provider (SP)

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